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What should I include in my FAQs?

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2018 10:49PM EDT
For tips on some good questions and answers to include, see below.

Required Questions:

  • Where does this shop ship from? This is an important question to answer because customers want to know how long it's likely to take to get their order and how likely it is that there will be shipping problems. If you ship from a country customers may be reluctant to buy from, it's still worth filling this out because many customers will cancel an order if they thought they were ordering from their home country and then they find out there weren't. This will cause you unnecessary additional hassle.
  • What is this shop's return and exchange policy? This is super important to fill out. If you have a great returns policy, list it here to reassure people and encourage them to buy from you, rather than someone with a less accommodating policy. If you don't accept returns, it's just as important to fill this out, to avoid having customers contact you about a refund and maybe filing a dispute with Stripe if they aren't satisfied. Some information to include:
    • Under what circumstances you accept refunds (e.g. damaged, faulty, or if they just don't like it)
    • If there is a timeframe after which you will not accept returned items
    • If you require photos of damaged/faulty items
    • If you require items to be returned before you will ship a new one
    • Who will pay for the return shipping costs
  • Do you accept orders placed outside the US? A lot of the stores and shoppers on Mindful Market are based in the US and Canada but there is also a huge number who aren't. If you list the countries you are comfortable shipping to, you will be more likely to attract sales from those countries. 
  • How long will it take to receive my order? This is probably the question customers most want an answer to. We recommend listing the time it will take from order to dispatch, as well as the time it will take for the shipping itself. This is particularly important if shoppers are ordering for a gift or a special occasion because they need their order to arrive in time for it. It is equally important that you stick to any information you put in here, or let your customers know as soon as you find out about any potential delays.

Suggested Questions (these may not all be applicable to your shop):

  • Do you take custom orders? If you make handmade products or if you design your products yourself you may be able to make additional sales by offering customization. If you offer this, be sure to let your customers know.
  • What size should I order? If you sell clothes or anything that comes in different sizes, it's important to give people the measurements each size corresponds to. You might prefer to put this information in the product description instead, but make sure it's there somewhere.
  • Do you offer giftwrapping or personalized messages? If people are shopping for gifts, additional services like this can be a huge incentive for them to purchase from you instead of another seller, especially during the holidays.
  • How can I contact you and how long will it take to reply? If you offer a support phone number or if you take support requests through facebook or twitter, list them here and let shoppers know which method you prefer. It's also a good idea to let them know how long it's likely to take you to reply so they don't get impatient and start sending you more messages.
  • What happens if my order is lost in the mail?

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